HEINEN HAPPENINGS – April/May/June 2021

Friends, I must apologize for my delay in sending out an update. Fatigue and fingers that don’t want to work keep me from spending time at the computer keyboard.

Because of my delay, I am late in wishing my mother, stepmother, and the mother of my children a Happy Mother’s Day. They are all worthy of honor! Leah also had a birthday, as do my stepfather and father.

Let me just say publicly that Leah is an an incredible blessing to myself and my daughters! She is a woman of deep faith and deep love. I honor her. Please continue to pray for her health and strength. She remains faithful through it all.

We will have the family together in late June. Rebekah, and a few days later her husband, Tim, are coming to visit us in Arkansas. We can’t wait! Victoria and her husband, Noah, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a quick trip to Branson. Victoria is finishing up her first schoolyear. She recently did a very cute virtual play with her elementary kids. Maria is very happy that her semester is over. She is a gifted student who works very hard. This past semester is considered the most difficult of her major, and she did great, even with the added challenges of COVID.

I am struggling greatly with fatigue. I am sure some of this is related to medication, but I speculate that some of it is related to the constant stimulation of my nerves. It is getting harder to use my hands. I am increasingly avoiding social media and cable news and am spending more time meditating on God’s Word. I cannot handle the constant stimulation of negativity and division that sometimes floods my eyes and ears. I am also enjoying reading more, as my tired eyes allow. I need to give you a list of what I have been reading in a future update. Let me say, while sickness is an enemy in so many ways, our Sovereign Lord has allowed me to experience a great season of freedom and peace through His indwelling presence as a result of going through the trials I face daily. He is so good!

I am looking forward to participating in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Council as a virtual delegate. The Appleton Cumberland Presbyterian Church family, who graciously allow Maria and I to worship with them, have their annual homecoming in the next few weeks. They have a lot to celebrate, being established as a congregation in 1856. Following this will be the annual Appleton Revival. I am scheduled to preach one night of the four. Please pray for these important events, that God will be glorified and that I will have the strength to participate.

I apologize for the lack of pictures and Scripture. Here is a song to enjoy from Alliance Worship. Worship Jesus with me today!

How can we pray for you? Please contact me and let me know. We so appreciate you!

Brian Heinen

802 E 23rd Street Russellville, AR 72802 (479) 886-0765 

bheinen.com   brheinen1@gmail.com

Author: Brian Heinen

I am simply a Christ-follower who wants to share the incredible Savior I met with others.

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