Psalm 4

Psalm 4 was written by David during a turbulent and troubling time in his life. David is aware of the opposition that godly (literally “those under God’s steadfast love”) people face, but displays incredible trust and confidence in his Lord in the midst of such difficulty. As he did in Psalm 3, he ends this song with a proclamation that he will sleep in peace because he trusts in God. How many of us can say that as we lay our head on the pillow tonight?

One statement stands out to me as I read this today: “Be angry, and do not sin; ponder in your own hearts on your beds, and be silent. Selah. Offer right sacrifices, and put your trust in the LORD.”

Are you angry by what you see in our world today? In your anger, do not respond sinfully. But how? To start, why not take some time to ponder your situation? Why do you feel as you do? In your pondering, why not pray to the Lord as to how you should respond? Before you go to social media to vent or before you call the person who hurt you to blast them, think about what will happen if you react in such a way. Don’t think that the world won’t be put right if you don’t immediately share all you are currently feeling. Selah – pause, reflect. Be silent. Trust God. He can handle this much better than you.

Read Psalm 4

Author: Brian Heinen

I am simply a Christ-follower who wants to share the incredible Savior I met with others.

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