Merry Christmas!

Friends, from our home to yours, may you experience the reality of the presence and peace of Christ this Christmas season! We are currently in the season of advent, which means, “coming,” or “waiting.” The idea is that God is sending something worth waiting for! The prophet Isaiah, some 700+ years before the birth of the Messiah, proclaimed that a very special baby would be born who would be a light in the incredible darkness the world found itself in. This helpless baby would actually be the answer to the mess that men and women had made for themselves. This baby was so special, he would be born miraculously to a virgin. He needed four names to describe His greatness: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. The baby’s adoptive father, Joseph, was told by an angelic messenger to name the boy another name, Jesus, “for he will save his people from their sins.” That promised baby was truly worth waiting for!

Today, we find ourselves in another period of “waiting.” We are waiting to get back to “normal.” We are waiting for jobs to return. We are waiting to be able to go to sporting events, restaurants, and concerts. We are waiting to hug grandparents and visit loved ones. We are waiting to gather with others in the Body of Christ. We are waiting for renewed health. We are waiting to attend long-delayed weddings and funerals. We are waiting!

And while we properly wait for things like vaccines and an economic upturn that may bring some help, what we need most is that little baby promised so long ago. Jesus is truly the ultimate answer for all we face in life. He came the first time that first Christmas. After His atoning death and glorious resurrection, He ascended to heaven. While seated upon His heavenly throne, He now works in this world through the lives of His redeemed people. He is coming again to set up His eternal Kingdom based in a new heaven and a new earth. He is still worth waiting for!

Merry Christmas from our family!

From Rebekah and Tim:

From Victoria and Noah:

From Maria (notice she did not give me a photo to share – I told her I would still include her even if she did not submit a picture. Contact Maria to see what she looks like):

Praises and prayer requests:

–We praise God for our Cumberland Presbyterian Church family! They continually bless us by by their encouragement and generosity. They showered us with food this past Thanksgiving season.

–We praise God for incredible neighbors! The Timberwood subdivision in Russellville is truly home sweet home.

–We praise God for His continued grace in our lives. Through the trials we face, we are able to see God and His blessings in ways we would never have seen in any other way.

–We praise God for our families, even though they are miles from us.

–We praise God for YOU, dear friend, and for your love and support.

–Please pray we will honor Jesus through all we say and do.

–Please pray we will have opportunity to share Jesus through this holiday season.

–Please pray we will continue to rely on Jesus to provide all of our physical and spiritual needs.

How can I pray for you? Please let me know.

Brian Heinen

802 E 23rd Street Russellville, AR 72802 (479) 886-0765 

bheinen.com  brheinen1@gmail.com

Author: Brian Heinen

I am simply a Christ-follower who wants to share the incredible Savior I met with others.

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