Friends, in the midst of the trials of COVID, racial division, economic upheaval, and political unrest, may I take a moment to praise our loving Savior who has defeated all our enemies, including death itself. He is worthy to be praised!

Our family, like yours, is trying to adjust to our always changing circumstances. Maria will be living at home for her next year at Arkansas Tech University. With all the restrictions due to COVID, ATU will not offer much in terms of campus life this year. The possibility that the students may have to move off-campus is always looming. It will be cheaper for her to stay home and drive the 15 minutes to class. It will be nice for her mother and myself to have her around. She is an incredible help to us and is our main source of transportation. She celebrated a quiet birthday on August 2nd.

Victoria and Noah are enjoying married life. Victoria began her teaching career last week. She is in the process of meeting her coworkers in the Atkins School System. Somehow she needs to learn how to teach music and choir to students of all ages when the state is recommending that students only sing outside. After work, Noah has been working hard making improvements to their home. I am sure their landlord is very thankful.

Bekah and Tim are doing great adjusting to being newly married. She is praying that the New Jersey social work board will vote to give her a state license at their next meeting. The board has not met since February. When I asked Rebekah to send me a picture, she sent me one of their cat on a leash. I don’t know why they would put a cat on a leash. Tim continues to enjoy his job and recently picked Reggie White to be on one of his Madden teams. There is hope for that Giants fan yet. She celebrated her birthday in July.

Leah and I continue to praise God for His grace and provision. We both battle fatigue but at least we are tired together. I was scheduled to have a disability hearing the end of July, but the judge read my pre-hearing memorandum and ruled in my favor without a hearing. It will still take some time for him to write the brief, but at least we know the outcome. We don’t yet know the amount he decided upon. Please pray for God’s provision until we start receiving assistance. God is good!

We continue to pray for our neighborhood. Our next door neighbors just moved away after only being there 6 months. That is typical on our block. I put together a Facebook page for our neighborhood, but need to get the word out to the neighbors. It seems many desire to stay connected during this time when so many things isolate and divide us.

I continue to receive training, especially in the area of trauma healing. So many are deeply wounded right now. How wonderful it is to introduce brokenhearted people to our Great Physician who can heal even the most damaged souls.

I also am blessed to fill the pulpit for the fine people of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Appleton. I couldn’t ask for a kinder, more receptive audience. The main ministry for Leah and myself is one of intercession. How can we pray for you right now? Please contact me with your praises and requests. We love and appreciate you!

Brian Heinen 802 E 23rd St, Russellville, AR 72802 479-886-0765 bheinen.com brheinen1@gmail.com

Author: Brian Heinen

I am simply a Christ-follower who wants to share the incredible Savior I met with others.

One thought on “HEINEN HAPPENINGS – August 2020”

  1. Dear Brian and family, Aug. 24, 2020
    Thanks for including us in your newsletter list. Your children all seem to be doing great which is evidence of God’s love and great parental upbringing. I’m sorry that you continue to struggle with health issues (I can relate well to neuropathy), but we pray for you that God will use his miraculous powers to do what doctors and treatments have not yet done. You are more of a witness than you’ll ever realize.
    Love, Mike and Jean

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