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Friends, during this time of constant upheaval and uncertainty, remember the Lord’s great love for you. In your weakness, may His strength be made perfect. In your turmoil, may His peace that transcends understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. We are praying for you! Please contact us if we can pray for you in a specific way.

Remember this description of our loving Father’s character:

The LORD passed before him and proclaimed, “The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness…”. (Exodus 34:6). This passage is the most quoted verse throughout the rest of Scripture for a reason.

Like your families, our own clan has experienced a challenging past month. Rebekah and her new husband Tim live in a virus hot-spot in New Jersey and faced a curfew and call to quarantine before the rest of the country. They bought a cat to celebrate.


Victoria and her fiance Noah had to cancel their bridal shower. Their upcoming wedding is still in the works, but they are remaining flexible. Victoria’s adjunct job at the high school is now on hold (along with her income), and she is trying to connect with her music students online for lessons. Maria had to move off campus and will finish the rest of her semester on her computer in her bedroom. Leah, with her compromised immune system, is trying to deal with this by avoiding anyone who may be a carrier. I am listening to my doctor, who told me to self-quarantine since I have several symptoms. Let me tell you, it is difficult trying to avoid others when four people live together in one 800 square foot house. To top it all off, my mother had two heart attacks and several surgical procedures and was not allowed any visitors, including my very caring stepfather. Thankfully, she is now recovering at home. But I am not complaining. We have met with God in some incredible ways that may not have happened otherwise. Maria, Leah, and I are enjoying our study together in the gospel of Mark (with appropriate social distancing). Leah and I continue to pray though the Psalms and Proverbs (with appropriate social distancing). God is faithful and He is good.

I am really concerned for you. How are YOU doing? Many of you are fearful of disease. Some of you have parents who are high risk. Others face job insecurity and economic instability. A few of you are stranded far from home, wondering if you will see your family soon. I am so sorry for what you have to face. But I am thankful that we have Creator who knows you and loves you and is active in your life right now reaching out to you with His mercy and grace. How can I pray for you when I next meet with Him?

Because of the slowdown of our court and medical systems, my anticipated disability hearing and my upcoming appointment at the University of Arkansas Medical School seem to be on hold. This is a challenge considering I haven’t worked since July 1st. Yet, when our family met to talk about some of our virus worries and concerns, not one of us had anxiety over God’s provision. We have complete confidence He will lovingly meet our needs. I am praying about some possible ministry opportunities that I can do from home, but in a time when 50% of nonprofits may close, should I think of starting another one? Please pray for God’s provision for our family and that I will know and obey God’s will.

I don’t get out often, but before I got sick, I was able to tag along with some friends so I could attend a very special meeting in Texas. Part of the Spanish Central District is combining with the Southwestern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. There was some concern that people would resist or struggle with this big change, but as we met a wonderful unity filled the place as the Holy Spirit visited. The transition will have some obstacles, but we will face them together for God’s glory. I haven’t been able to see my Alliance family for several years, so I greatly enjoyed the reunion.


Our small church continues to pray for each other even as we are unable to meet. We are unable to have any type of service online in the Ozark hills, so we are making use of the old-fashioned telephone. We are sad that a dear exchange student from Poland who was hosted by a church family had to go home early. We will miss her!

Can I ask a favor of you? Here are the email addresses of our family members. Please send a short note to one of them to encourage them. I am sure they could use it trying to live with a guy who has to stay in one corner of one small room. Victoria could really use a kind word as they wedding plan in these uncertain times.

leah.janie.maria@gmail.com, rebekah.hope.heinen@gmail.com, v.heinen012@gmail.com, mariaheinen7301@gmail.com

We love and appreciate you! Please let us know how we can pray for you.

Brian Heinen, 802 East 23rd Street, Russellville, Arkansas, 72802
479-886-0765 brheinen1@gmail.com
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Author: Brian Heinen

I am simply a Christ-follower who wants to share the incredible Savior I met with others.

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